So we are all-weather bikers and as such, I thought we should see if Fat Biking was for us. So we rented some from Loyal Cycle Company for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend.

Verdict: Meh.

We took the bikes down to Fairview Utah and I don’t know if it’s the Utah powder being super dry and fluffy and just wonderful for skiing that made fat-biking harder than it should have been, but in trying to go on the snowmobile trails, the bikes would suddenly find a pocket of powder and just sink. So we tried biking on the snow covered roads, and while that was better (and wouldn’t have been possible without the fat bikes) it reminded me of normal biking and thus not all that more exciting than normal biking. I’d love to have someone tell me if we did something wrong or how they make fat biking work for them. I would like to still try these out on some sand dunes though. That’d be awesome. And less cold.

Biking in winter, weather on normal bikes or fat bikes, can be adventurous and having well working brakes, good tires and good tire pressure (thanks to our new tire gauge recommended by Loyal Cycle) is so important to have a fun and safe ride.

  • Emily Jensen