October in Utah was, on average, 5 degrees higher than normal. That made for some glorious biking weather. On one such day we took the kids on the Railroad Trail out in West Farmington towards Kaysville and back.

It was cool enough to wear jackets, and warm enough to take off the jackets once we really got going. This trail is perfectly graded, having been a previous railroad bed. It makes for some easy-breezy riding, even if it’s a 14-mile roundtrip.

My youngest was delighted to see some llamas. img_20161021_093651

My older kids were delighted to be rewarded with Kneader’s all-you-can-eat french toast.

And all of us enjoyed the sensation of crunching fall leaves under our tires.


And it’s not too late to enjoy this beautiful fall biking. Loyal is putting on a Davis Dash on Saturday November 5th. It looks to be lovely weather. Come crunch some leaves and win some prizes!

  • Emily Jensen